Tuesday, October 04, 2005

New polling information out, Ref. C and the Top Of the Ticket.

Earlier today Floyd Ciruli appeared on 850 KOA's Colorado Morning News. In that interview he stated that polling on Referendum C was showing that support for the issue is basically stalled, and that it is statistically tied with those who will vote against the issue. He added the caveat that most Coloradoans don't seem to be paying attention to the election battle yet.

This seems to be in line with, and re-enforces the polling information that we have gotten over here. The most recent numbers that made it into the sunlight are available at our Referendum C and D Homepage. They show support for C at 48% with 44% against it. 8% are undecided and the poll had a margin of error of 4%. So Ciruli's caveat seems right on target, the issue seems statistically tied.

As for the Governors race...

ColoradoPols put these Wall Street Journal-Zogby numbers up earlier today. You can link directly to them here. They credit Coyote Gulch who in turn credits Taegan Goddard's Political Wire who in turn sends you to the Wall Street Journal Online. Quite a journey but well worth it.

Zogby looked at a variety of different matchups that are all possible next November:

Bob Beauprez vs. Bill Ritter
Beauprez: 43.6%
Ritter: 39%

John Hickenlooper vs. Marc Holtzman
Hickenlooper: 48.2%
Holtzman: 36.1%

Bob Beauprez vs. Joan Fitz-Gerald
Beauprez: 45.4%
Fitz-Gerald: 38.6%

But what is perhaps the most interesting tidbit from this poll is what Zogby gleaned from it:

"With term-limited Gov. Bill Owens set to step down, this race promises to be a shootout...Should the Democrats nominate liberal Senate President Joan Fitz-Gerald, Rep. Beauprez is the GOP's best hope for defeating her. The more conservative Bill Ritter, Denver's district attorney (sic), would be a more formidable opponent and is in a close race with all three Republicans. If Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper -- who has said he has no intentions of running for governor -- enters the race, he is poised to defeat any GOP challenger handily."

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