Tuesday, October 18, 2005

From Tabor to Today...

Here is a quick look at the off year elections from 1993 until today. Only two passed. Both were bonding measures.

1993: Referendum A Reinstatement of Sales Tax on Tourist-Related Purchases Yes: 44.8% No: 55.2%

1995: Referendum A Multiple-Year Financial Obligations - Nonstate Prisons Yes: 45.1% No: 54.9%

1997: Amendment 1 Tax and Fee Increases for Funding Transportation Projects Yes: 15.8% No: 84.2%

1999: Referendum A Financing State Transportation Projects Yes: 61.7% No: 38.3%

Amendment 26 Surplus Revenue to Test I-70 Fixed Guideway Yes: 34.1% No: 65.9%
Referendum A GOCO Bonds for Open Space Yes: 57.6% No: 42.4%

Amendment 32 Taxable Value of Residential Property Yes: 22.4% No: 77.6%
Amendment 33 Video Lottery/Tourism Promotion Yes: 19.1% No: 80.9%
Referendum A Revenue Bonds for Water Projects Yes: 32.9% No: 67.1%

Source SoapBlox Colorado.


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