Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Getting ready for round three!

This election cycle will be MHD's third venture into the election projection business. Last cycle we did a great job, picking basically every election correctly (I think we missed a state house race).

Anyway, over the next few weeks you will see predictions coming up for the US Senate and House, Colorado Senate and House, district by district and the US Presidency.

We are going to break Colorado into six districts for the purposes of posting updates, northern and southern plains, northern and southern mountains and northern and southern Denver metro area. Basically I-70 will divide the state north and south with I-25 dividing the state east and west. The metro area will be divided by either Colfax or Alameda, depending on the work load.

Our preliminary picks for Colorado based races are as follows:

US Senate: Likely Dem
HD 1: Safe Dem
HD 2: Safe Dem
HD 3: Likely Dem
HD 4: Likely GOP
HD 5: Safe GOP
HD 6: Safe GOP
HD 7: Likely Dem

State House: Safe Dem
State Senate: Safe Dem

Look for some great maps and predictions in the next few weeks.