Sunday, March 21, 2010

Mile High Delphi looks at Obamacare.

We here at Mile High Delphi have four words to say about the Health Care Reform package that is going through congress; Much Ado About Nothing.

Obamacare, as it has become known, is probably unconstitutional, at least several key parts. We cannot find constitutional grounds for the Federal Government forcing private individuals to purchase private insurance. They could just impose a tax, or the states could impose the mandate. Also the accounting gimmicks in the bill make Lehman Brothers look like the bank from It’s a Wonderful Life. In all, the courts will hold up most of the bill from taking effect, at least until after the mid-terms and congress will never have the BALLS to enact the cuts and tax increases that the bill counts on. Our final verdict on the bill, it has been a fool’s errand for the Democratic Party. This whole saga reminds us of the story of Xerxes at the Hellespont. The great Persian king had built a bridge across the river in order to move his troops. A storm washed the bridge out. Xerxes flew into a rage and “he commanded that the Hellespont be struck with three hundred strokes of the whip.” Seriously, he had the river whipped because it wouldn’t bend to his will. It is too early to know if this is an overreach, but this health care bill is starting to look to us like the court packing scheme that FDR hatched in 1937.

National projection updates will be coming this week. As for Colorado, look for the 3rd CD to move into the toss up category, the 7th to become more competitive and Betsy Markey, the Freshman Democrat Representing Colorado’s 4th CD, put a fork in her, she’s done, the GOP could put anyone up and beat her at this point.