Monday, October 17, 2005

Closer look at Friday's Rocky Mountain News Poll.

Here is a closer look at Friday's RMN poll:

Referendum C Definitely Yes: 36% Probably Yes: 13% definitely No: 36% Probably No: 10% Undecided: 5%

Referendum D Definitely Yes: 31% Probably Yes: 19% definitely No: 32% Probably No: 12% Undecided: 5%

This more complete breakdown, from page 4A on 10/14/2005, is not available on the internet. It nicely parallels another question in the poll that found that 31% of voters like C & D and will support them, 33% don't like them all that much but can support them because they could be good for Colorado and 31% who don't like C & D and won't support them.

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