Monday, October 31, 2005

Alea iacta est...

Alea iacta est...the die has been cast.

Well not yet, but we are getting close.

With no new polling information out yet our final projection will stay what it is. Its our sophomore effort, lets see how much better we are than last year.

We are being flooded with new requests for the futures market so we've extended the trading deadline until 5:00 pm tomorrow. That's it. No more extensions, don't even ask.

You can also submit your B market guesses up to 5:00 pm tomorrow. Be sure to get them to us, we want to put the mean and the standard deviation up before polls close tomorrow so that we can test the B market in real time.

We will also be putting up an analysis of this election cycle tomorrow during the day. This is a combined effort of a historian, a MBA, a banker and a biology teacher, even I don't know exactly how it will end up.

Thanks everyone for playing, and if you haven't yet, get out and vote!

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