Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Split Decision!!!

Update 16:30:

Look to the right for a report card on how Mile High Delphi did this election cycle. Our sophomore effort looked pretty good (simple models work better than big complex ones). Now we need to focus on the State Legislature...

Update 15:45:

We've done a breakdown of our B Market. The predicted results for the percentage of the vote for Referendum C was 51.12%. The actual election result was (with 99.9% of precincts reporting) 52.03%. A difference of .91%. Not too bad, with 58 participants it sure did get close.

Original post:

The results are in and it appears that Referendum C passed and its sister item Referendum D failed.

It is our belief that this will set up a great battle in 2006 (since this election was basically fought to a stalemate).

We will have analysis of the election up throughout the weekend. I'm working on a color-coded map of Colorado (we will put it up both here and at, Blogicus is working on a regression model, and our newest partner, Salacious Crumb, will be typing up the analysis.

We will also have the results of our markets and our winners up.

Early next week we will have a look at other elections across the United States.


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