Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Early numbers now good for C and D.

Update 9:00:

With over half of the precincts reporting Referendum C looks good. Ref. D still tight.

Looks like a big win in the Metro Area will put C over the top.

Original post:

Early numbers are starting to trickle out. It appears that C and D are going to be about 20,000 votes short of passage according to these very preliminary projections.

In the metro area it appears that C is getting about 51.4% of the vote. About 305,000 votes are projected to be cast for C in the seven county metro region.

However, unless the rest of the state votes 48.76% for Referendum C the issue will lose. It currently appears that the rest of the state is polling more like 45.5% for the ballot issue.

Coincidentally, if the City and County of Denver had an all mail election, with a turnout of 50%, instead of the projected 42%, Referendum C would have gotten about 14K additional votes.

These numbers are very preliminary, keep tuned in for more updates throughout the night.

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