Thursday, November 17, 2005

More Referendum C Goodness.

Last week we looked at how the seven county Denver Metro Area voted in the Referendum C campaign.

The Denver Metro Area cast 53% of the total ballots.

Referendum C passed in the Denver Metro Area 54.1-45.9 vs. a State-wide vote of 52-48.

Our Northern Region consists of two counties, Larimer and Weld. In this Region Referendum C passed 52.1-47.1 and it accounted for 11% of the state-wide vote.

Our Southern Region consists of eleven counties. In this Region Referendum C lost 48.7-51.3 and it accounted for 17% of the state-wide vote.

On Monday we will go over the Eastern and Western Regions.

Later in the week we will look for correlations between each county's MHD Diff. and its Cook Partisanship Index.

In the meantime, look here for some G rated Paris Hilton goodness.

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