Thursday, November 03, 2005

Caldara gives post election analysis; echoes MHD...

As you may know from our pre-election analysis, it is our belief that Independence Institute President Jon Caldara is one of the two consuls for the Republican side in Colorado's current political war.

Last night on his 850 KOA radio show Jon Caldara lead what was a mixture of post election analysis, pep rally and a wake.

He began by stating that he felt like "he let [his supporters] down" by losing the battle over Referendum C while he claimed a partial victory in the defeat of Referendum D. "We didn't do that bad considering that we faced the entire Democratic establishment and a minority of the GOP."

When it came to his actual analysis he said that "the state is moving to the left."

He cited Public Choice Theory as the reason for the Referendum C victory. "Had this election taken place during a even-year this wouldn't have even been close...we matched them in the air war but we lost the ground war...we have no GOTV."

A caller called in and dubbed yesterday the "2nd Black Wednesday" referring to the Caldara legion's loss. Caldara asked what the 1st Black Wednesday was. "A year ago," replied the caller. "Yes, your right" stated Caldara, "A year ago we lost the State Legislature, a Congress Seat and a Senate Seat." We call that election Colorado's Cannae, but "Black Wednesday" certainly has a ring to it.

Caldara also gave special congratulations to two supporters of Referendum C. He stated that without the support of Governor Owens, bringing his GOP legions over to the pro-C side, the ballot item wouldn't have passed. He also stated that the tracking polls showed that when Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper jumped out of the plane, support for C jumped.

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