Sunday, September 04, 2005

Soy De Aqui! MHD's 2005 Referendum C Futures Market Opens 09/12.

Mile High Delphi will be opening the only futures market devoted to the upcoming vote on Referendum C.

The purpose of this futures market is to test if a market mechanism can be, or is, more correct than polling in predicting the winner and/or margin of victory in an election.

The following will explain how the market will function.

On 09/06 we will post the trading rules for this market. The market will function in much the same way as the Iowa Presidential Futures market, with some minor variations. Full rules will be available on Tuesday.

During the next week we will begin an auction to determine the opening prices for the market. The auction will be conducted from Tuesday until the 12th. Full details for the auction will be available tomorrow.

Live trading will be conducted Monday thru Friday. Results will be available on Polstate.

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