Friday, September 16, 2005

Referendum C Futures Market Book 9/16/05 (week in review tonight at 7:00)

Today's trading starts at 6:00 PM for the Referendum C Futures Market. Remember no trading over the weekend. Below you will see a table that shows the best trading information. The opening prices were established by auction. B Qty = How many contracts are offered for sale at the best price. Bid = the price those contracts are being offered for. Offer = The best price that is being offered for a contract. A Qty = the number of contracts that are wanted at that best price.

Best to SellBest to Buy
Contract NameB QtyBIDOfferA QtyLastVolChange
Ref. C to Win254847254800
Ref. C to Lose505253255200

Below is the C to win book. Green indicates buyers. Red indicates sellers.

Referendum C to Win Book

Referendum C to Lose Book


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