Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Referendum C Odds Update 09/21/2005

The market book will be moving over to the Political State Report. Check there daily for price quotes and end of week graphs.

We will still have a condensed book on the sidebar.

Referendum C to win continues to surge up in bidding. Over the past two days it has moved up from 48 to 55. Word over at ColoradoPols is that Ref. C has moved to within striking distance. Hat Tip to Dan Willis for keeping his ear to the grapevine. No action on the No on C contract.

The market has begun. Remember it is free to play. Click on the "sign up" link to the right and join in. There is lots of room for new participants. Sign up. Read the FAQs. Win $200.

Here is where the market stands now:
Name of Contract.0-100...Moneyline...Fractional.
Ref. C to lose.....52......-108...........10/11.
Ref. C to win......55......-122.............5/6.

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