Monday, May 15, 2006

HD 55: Behind Enemy Lines.

House District 55 is the single most likely district to change hands this fall.

It is currently held by Rep. Bernie Buescher (D).

In 2004 the Democrats picked up HD 55 with 55% of the vote in a two way race.
In 2002 the Republicans held HD 55 with 78% of the vote.

As of April the GOP holds a 21% registration advantage in this district.

Our current model predicts that this seat has an 81% likelihood of returning to Republican hands.

Finance Info:

Buescher (D) $42,372
Bob Caskey (R) $341

Buescher (D) $139,892
Opponent (R) $171,578

Current Financials from Colorado Sec. of State
2004 Financials from Follow the

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