Thursday, October 07, 2004

Wictory Wednesday. Focus on SD 19.

State Senate District 19 (Westminster and Arvada) is our featured legislative race this cycle. It pits incumbent Sue Windels (D) against Jessica Corry (R).

This district was, until four years ago, represented by the solidly conservative Jim Congrove, who now is running for Jeffco Commissioner after defeating a rare Republican RTD Director, Wally Pulliam.

Jessica Corry works at the Independence Institute, a libertarian think tank in Golden that has been the spring board for such Colorado conservative icons as Jon Caldara, Mike Rosen, Tom Tancredo and Bill Armstrong. Jessica heads up the Campus Accountability Project, an effort “to serve as an educational resource on free speech, ideological diversity, and racial discrimination, and to operate as a watch dog, seeking to ensure that universities are observing the individual rights of faculty, staff, and students.”

She faces Sue Windels (who Joe will be interviewing in a week or so for balance). Senator Windels, who won victory last time by less than the margin of the Libertarian candidate, has not voted like the moderate she would need to be to keep the seat, instead she has voted like a true liberal. The GOP won her State House seat back when she went to the Senate, its time to bring this seat back to the GOP.

MHD chose this seat because it is the home of the most vulnerable incumbent. It also represents the huge difference in ideology between the two candidates. Windels has raised $80,551 so far. Her top five donors are the DSCF Democratic Senate C Fund: $5,000, JCEA-PAC Small Donor Committee:$2,000, Colorado Professional Firefighters SDC: $2,000, Pipefitters Local 208: $2,000, Colorado AFL-CIO Nonparisian: $2,000. A lot of Union money and small donor committee money coming in here.

Corry has so far raised $42,860, her top five contributors are herself: $8,000, Steve Durham: $400, Chris Drummond: $200, Joe Smith: $200, Linda Corry: $200. Besides herself, her largest contributors are small personal donations. She needs help if she is going to win. Donate here. I’ve put together four volunteers who are going to help me walk her district with her. I challenge everyone who reads this and is a GOP partisan, donate $40 dollars to Jessica, then e-mail me or post your donation. Lets set a goal of $400. I just need nine other people to pitch in to reach that goal.

Oh, and trust me, Joe is working on something for our liberal readers, Colorado Republicans have got to get their butts in gear; we’re slacking.

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