Friday, October 08, 2004

Updated Presidential and Senate Predictions.

We have added Real Clear Politics to our electoral vote average. The new averages (dividing tossups in half) gives Bush a lead of 283 electoral votes and Kerry trails with 255 electoral votes. The only site to update its figures was, its old figures were Bush-285 and Kerry-232 with 17 electoral votes tied. now has Kerry leading 280-239 with 19 electoral votes tied.

Our old figures were Bush-293, Kerry 245 on 10/6/2004. Bush has lost 10 EV in the last two days.

We have also updated our Colorado Senate race figures. Coors now leads Salazar 50.33% to 48.66%. The new USA Today poll, which shows Salazar with a massive lead has pulled the race into basically a dead-heat.

Our old figures were Coors 53.2%, Salazar 46.6% on 9/28/2004.

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