Friday, October 08, 2004

Delphi on the Second Presidential Debate.

With Bush and Kerry dead-locked in the polls here in Colorado, scores of CU students have decided that the best way to deal with the close election is the have some fun.

Your correspondent will (at great personal risk being a Republican in Boulder) attend several of these "Debate" parties. It seems that a new drinking game has sprung up around the presidential race. Every time either candidate says "Iraq" everyone has to take a drink. From what I understand, that doesn’t mean a sip, but a shot or an entire beer.

Hopefully I can avoid being in any house when foreign policy comes up, but if I am, I'll be taking pictures to document the student's rebellion against the administration's crackdown on drinking, and the constant badgering from liberals and conservatives alike, ie "Are you registered to vote?"

Cross posted at, which also has a open thread for the debate, feel free to go over there and debate the debate, nonpartisan site with lots of traffic.

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