Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Electoral Vote Projection Update September 16, 2008

Here is a look at our Top Ten Battleground States:

Colorado: Toss Up Leaning Democrat.
Florida: Leans Republican.
Michigan: Leans Democrat.
Minnesota: Leans Democrat.
Nevada: Toss Up Leaning Republican.
New Hampshire: Toss Up Leaning Democrat.
New Mexico: Toss Up Leaning Democrat.
Ohio: Toss Up Leaning Republican.
Pennsylvania: Leans Democrat.
Virginia: Toss Up Leaning Republican.

Our projection as it stands now: Obama 273 vs McCain 265. No Change From Last Update.

Battle Ground States Detail, all Intrade quotes are for Democratic futures. Numbers can be thought of as percentages. For example a quote of 65 equals a 65% probability of the Democratic nominee picking up that states electoral votes.


Pollster Colorado Home Page.


Pollster Florida Home Page


Pollster Michigan Home Page.


Pollster Minnesota Home Page.


Pollster Nevada Home Page.

New Hampshire:

Pollster New Hampshire Home Page.

New Mexico:

Pollster New Mexico Home Page.


Pollster Ohio Home Page.


Pollster Pennsylvania Home Page.


Pollster Virginia Home Page.

Our Election Projection Homepage is here.

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