Friday, December 09, 2005

Colorado House Homepage.

The Colorado House has 65 members. Currently the Democrats hold the majority 35-30. 33 seats are needed for conrol. Over the next few weeks each district will be examined, triage will occur, and we will come up with a competitive race chart...

...............THIS PAGE IS STILL UNDER CONSTRUCTION......................
Last Update 12/12/2005
Seven County Metro Area (Currently 11-R 25-D):

Adams County: 1-R 5-D
HD-30 Likely Democrat
HD-31 Competitive Democrat
HD-32 Likely Democrat
HD-33 Very Competitive Republican
HD-34 Non Competitive Democrat
HD-35 Non Competitive Democrat

Denver County: 0-R 9-D
HD-01 Non Competitive Democrat
HD-02 Non Competitive Democrat
HD-03 Non Competitive Democrat
HD-04 Non Competitive Democrat
HD-05 Non Competitive Democrat
HD-06 Non Competitive Democrat
HD-07 Non Competitive Democrat
HD-08 Non Competitive Democrat
HD-09 Non Competitive Democrat

Jefferson County W/ Broomfield: 4-R 4-D
HD-22 Very Competitive Republican
HD-23 Very Competitive Democrat
HD-24 Likely Democrat
HD-25 Likely Republican
HD-26 Likely Democrat
HD-27 Very Competitive Republican
HD-28 Likely Republican
HD-29 Very Competitive Democrat

Western Region: 5-R 3-D
HD-54 Non Competitive Republican
HD-55 Competitive Democrat
HD-56 Likely Democrat
HD-57 Non Competitive Republican
HD-58 Likely Republican
HD-59 Likely Republican
HD-60 Non Competitive Republican
HD-61 Likely Democrat

Northern & Eastern Regions: 6-R 2-D
HD-48 Non Competitive Republican
HD-49 Competitive Republican
HD-50 Competitive Democrat
HD-51 Non Competitive Republican
HD-52 Very Competitive Republican
HD-53 Non Competitive Democrat
HD-63 Non Competitive Republican
HD-65 Non Competitive Republican

Southern Region: 8-R 5-D
HD-14 Non Competitive Republican
HD-15 Non Competitive Republican
HD-16 Non Competitive Republican
HD-17 Non Competitive Republican
HD-18 Competitive Democrat
HD-19 Non Competitive Republican
HD-20 Non Competitive Republican
HD-21 Non Competitive Republican
HD-45 Non Competitive Republican
HD-46 Non Competitive Democrat
HD-47 Very Competitive Democrat
HD-62 Non Competitive Democrat
HD-64 Competitive Democrat

Competitive Race Chart:

Non Competitive & Likely Republican: Total 25 HD 14-17, 19-21, 25, 28, 37-40, 43-45, 48, 51, 54, 57-60, 63 & 65.
Competitive Republican: Total 1 HD 49.
Very Competitive Republican: Total 4 HD 22, 27, 33 & 52.
Very Competitive Democrat: Total 4 HD 23, 29, 31 & 47.
Competitive Democrat: Total 5 HD 18, 50, 55, 56, 64.
Non Competitive & Likely Democrat: Total 26 HD 1-13, 24, 26, 30, 32, 34-36, 41, 42, 46, 53, 61 & 62.

BETA Projected Makeup of Colorado State House: R 28-33 D 32-37

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