Monday, January 17, 2005

"Its gonna be a long two years..."

Today marks the start of the second week of the 2005 session of the Colorado General Assembly. Here is a link to the Rocky Mountain New's coverage of the state legislature. The Denver Post doesn't have a special legislature page, but here is a link to their "local politics" page.

Last week we saw the first fireworks of what promises to be a nasty two years. The Republicans have not been in the minority of both houses in Colorado since Kennedy was in office and some members of the caucus are bitter over the loss.

The tone for the 2005 session was set early when State Senator Norma Anderson (R) of Lakewood made a move to block the election of State Senator Joan Fitz-Gerald (D) of Golden from assuming the post of President. The move failed, but it inspired some local columnists such as self described hippie Mike Littwin and the guys over at Colorado Pols to cry foul. (Check out Colorado Pols for an interesting line on the upcoming gubernatorial race, some interesting work going on there, still waiting on the odds for control of the State Legislatue)

Governor Bill Owens shot some rhetorical warning shots over the bow of the Democratic leadership in his State of the State address last week. If you compare it to State Senate President Joan Fitz-Gerald’s opening day remarks you can see where some of the biggest battles will be. Look for internal battles among the Democrats when it comes to social issues, such as the bill that would add sexual orientation to employment anti-discrimination state laws and between the Democrats and Republicans on fiscal matters, especially when it comes to the fate of Colorado's Tabor amendment which limits taxes and government growth.

Also, the Rocky Mountain Alliance of Bloggers got an invite to sit down with Governor Owens after the State of the State. It appears that the Guv has taken notice of the work of these well connected and articulate conservative bloggers. A picture of the gaggle is available here.

Look for a continuation later this week of my series on the state legislature. My last article can be found here. Cross posted at Polstate.


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