Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Text of letter from Jeffco GOP Chairman to Bob Schaffer.

Dear Bob:

As a loyal Republican and as Chairman of the Jefferson County Republicans I
was stunned by the Voucher mailing sent out to constituents of Ramey Johnson
in House District 23.

Although cleverly written not to urge voting against Ramey there can be not
other conclusion from the tenure of its content.

Bob, you have greatly disappointed many Republicans who were your greatest
supporters in your run for the U.S. Senate and who were upset over the way
they perceived you were treated by state leaders of our party with the
addition of Pete Coors as a candidate.

Under the circumstances I would have thought you would be more
sophisticated, especially with your background in our party and as a
legislator both here in Colorado in Washington, to have willingly engaged in
trying to influence the defeat of one of our party‚s standard bearers in
this general election. Right or wrong the time for such action would have
been to with an eye to a primary in support of one who might hold similar
beliefs about vouchers, or after the election --- not one week before the
general election.

I have spent two years as Chairman of our County urging all Republicans to
consider that they have more in common with each other than with the
Democrats. If people like you to whom many look to for leadership cannot be
trusted to work for all of our candidates that have earned their way on to
the ballot, what hope do we have for the future.

This party can not endure if segments of it continue to have such tunnel
vision for their one big issue that they fail to see the big picture that
our party, to be significant here in Colorado, must recognize that it is a
coalition of many factions held together by some very basic underlying
principles that distinguish us from the Dems.

We need people like you to be in the front lines bringing our party together
rather than sowing seeds of division.

Lynn Watwood
Chairman, Jefferson County Republicans

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