Monday, December 07, 2009

Ranking Colorado's House Delgation from Most Liberal to Most Conservative.

Here is our rankings of Colorado's House delegation based upon how liberal or conservative they are.

Most Liberal to Most Conservative:
Dianna Degette CD 1 Liberal Score of 97.69 PVI D+21
Jared Polis CD 2 Liberal Score of 97.25 PVI D+11
Ed Perlmutter CD 7 Liberal Score of 94.93 PVI D+4
John Salazar CD 3 Liberal Score of 92.54 PVI R+5
Betsy Markey CD 4 Liberal Score of 87.50 PVI R+6
Mike Coffman CD 6 Liberal Score of 2.54 PVI R+8
Doug Lamborn CD 5 Liberal Score of 0.84 PVI R+14

Nothing surprising here, the Representatives' voting patters mirror the partisan voting patterns of their districts. For comparison the State of Colorado has a PVI of D+0.

Sources: Progressive Punch for Progressive scores from 2009-2010. PVI from Wikipedia.

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