Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Coming Updates!

It does take a while to get the oracle warmed up. We hate to give her too many questions at once. But this week we are putting her to the test.

Upcoming updates:

New Presidential Projection 03/28
New US Senate Projection 03/27
First US House Projection 03/30
Updated Colorado State Senate Projection 03/31

Recent analysis shows that the race for the White House is tightening. The long Democratic primary seems to be damaging the entire party. We didn't expect to see such tightening until late summer or fall.

Early next month we will put out our national analysis along with an analysis for Colorado. A quick preview: The national parties are frayed, the Republicans into three different factions and the Democrats into two. However the Democratic factions are in open warfare with each other while the Republican factions are sitting back and watching the fratricide. As for Colorado, we will examine the State Democratic party, look at which of the two Democratic factions are strongest here and examine the success of the Democratic leadership and how ballot items are helping the Democrats stay in office.

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