Thursday, November 09, 2006

Colorado Election Results.

Here is how Colorado's political landscape looks after the Democratic wave that swept the nation yesterday.

State wide the Democrats picked up two seats:

Bill Ritter won election as Colorado Governor.

Cary Kennedy won election as State Treasurer.

The Republicans kept two state wide seats:

John Suthers won election as AG.

Mike Coffman won election as Secretary of State.

We correctly predicted all of these races.

The Democrats picked up the 7th US House District (Northern Denver Suburbs).

The Democrats now control 4 out of 7 Congressional Districts in Colorado.

We correctly predicted all of those races.

The Democrats also increased their majorities in both houses of the State Legislature.

We correctly predicted every race for the State Senate.

We correctly predicted 59 out of 65 State House races.

Actually we are being hard on ourselves, we really only missed two races, but we thought that the GOP would split the toss-up races, they only won 2 out of 12.

One other thing. We called every US Senate race and we only missed the scope of the Democratic win, off by only about 5-7 seats. Not too bad.

On a state wide basis we easily achieved our hope for 95% accuracy.

Nationally, we kicked butt. A bad election for the Republicans. A good one for us.

Maybe next time we can get every single Colorado State House seat?

Stay 2008 we have a Presidential Race and a US Senate race in Colorado. Nobody does anything like this, we're the one.

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