Thursday, November 18, 2004

What's Next?

As we wait for the final tallies, Me and Joe will be doing an analysis of the Colorado State Legislature elections. We both have an hypothesis that the extra money that the Democrats had in most races made the difference.

When that report becomes available, we will post it here. Look for it some time in Mid-December.

As for MHD. We are working on a Colorado Centric version of the Almanac of American Politics. Hopefully we can sell it to High School civics classes and intro to Political Science students at the University level.

We will be tracking the Colorado State Legislature this year, something that few non-partisan institutions do. Each member will have there group ratings posted, will be given MHD ratings for Economic and Social voting patterns, and we will develope, or more probably just apply, something like the Cook Partisan Voting Index. Basically, you'll know who is the most conservative and most liberal members of the body.

Looking forward, we may be moving to a new site in the coming months, somewhere where we can have interactive maps of the Colorado State House and Senate Districts. We won't be neglecting the 2003 elections, god knows what will show up next year.

I'll be posting regularly at Polstate, look for my posts.

1 comment:

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