Monday, November 01, 2004

Final Projections.

President Bush 273, Kerry 265. GOP Hold.
U.S. Senate 52 Republicans, 47 Democrats and 1 Ind. GOP Hold.
U.S. House 234 Republicans, 201 Democrats (including Sanders of Vermont). GOP Hold.
Colorado Senate Salazar (D) 50.3%, Coors (R) 48.3%. Dem Pickup.
Colorado House CD 1(D) Strong Dem, CD 2(D) Strong Dem, CD 3(Toss-up) , CD 4(R) Leans GOP, CD 5(R) Strong GOP, CD 6(R) Strong GOP, CD 7(R) Weak GOP.

Final Projection for the 3rd, a tie of 47%-47%. As such it is a toss-up, but all the momentum is for the GOP.

Delphi on the Colorado State Legislative Races.

State Senate 17-20 Republicans, 15-18 Democrats. Leans GOP.

State House 39 Republicans, 26 Democrats. GOP Hold.

State Wide (Except 4A and 4B) Ballot Issues. (Confidence Levels)
Amendment 34 - Developer Lawsuit Reforms - For 36%, Against 64%. (Landslide)
Amendment 35 - Raise Taxes on Cigarettes - For 55%, Against 45%. (Weak)
Amendment 36 - Reforming Colorado's Electorial College Vote - For 25%, Against 75%. (Landslide)
Amendment 37 - Renewable Energy Mandates - For 46%, Against 54%. (Weak)
FasTracks (Ref. 4A) - For 46%, Against 54%. (Weak)
SCFD (Ref. 4B) - For , Against . (Landslide)
Ref. A - Pass (Landslide)
Ref. B - Pass (Landslide)

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