Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Prediction updates!

Our top of the ticket page has been updated with a short summary of the race as it stands now (Likely Democrat) and a link to Real Clear Politics excellent page on the Gubernatorial Race.

Here is a quick look at the race:

RCP Poll Average: Ritter (D) winning by 16.7%

Tradesports gives Ritter a 91% probability of winning.

Lower down on the ticket:

Secretary of State:

Mike Coffman (R) vs. Ken Gordon (D)

Mike Coffman served as State Treasurer until he left to serve in Iraq's Al Anbar province during the last election (in Iraq). He is an Officer in the Marines.

Ken Gordon is an Democratic State Senator from Denver. He has excellent credentials and has been a beacon of bipartisanship in the State Senate.

We haven't seen any polls, however we have to say that this race currently leans GOP based upon Coffman's service in Iraq. Unless the Beauprez campaign completely implodes and loses by more than 20%, Coffman should pull out a win. Mark this race as leans GOP.

State Treasurer:

Mark Hillman* (R) vs. Cary Kennedy (D)

Mark Hillman faces what could be the toughest statewide race. He is an incumbent but Kennedy is outfundraising him. No real buzz surrounding this race. Toss Up.

Attorney General:

Fern O'Brien (D) vs. John Suthers* (R)

This is the one bright race that the GOP has. Fern can't raise money and the incumbent looks set to easily defeat her. Safe GOP.

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