Friday, August 27, 2004

Early predictions.

Here are our early predictions for the big races here in Colorado.

For the Coors vs. Salazar Senate race....Toss Up.

Congressional breakdown...CD 1 (Denver) Safe Dem. CD 2 (Boulder) Safe Dem. CD 3 (Western Slope) Toss Up. CD 4 (Eastern Plains) Safe GOP. CD 5 (Colorado Springs) Safe GOP. CD 6 (Southern Denver Suburbs) Safe GOP. CD 7 (Inner ring Suburbs) Leans Repubican.

Sorry for the toss ups, by mid-September there will be no toss ups in these big races.

As for the State Senate...Toss Up.

And State House...GOP Control.

Next posting, maps and predictions on the State Senate and state-wide issues and hopefully our blogroll will be in place.